Takigahara Craft Tourism is a hands-on cultural experience built in collaboration with the Hokuriku region's artisans for guests to learn and create with us during their stay in Komatsu.

You can take part in a series of workshops focusing on one of the following Japanese crafts; rokuro (wood-turning) and shikki (lacquerware), washi (paper making), and yaki (ceramics).

The two-day program includes one night's accommodation at Craft & Stay or Takigahara House, all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared by our chefs), a crafts workshop (where you'll make your own piece of Japanese craft), and transport.

Visitors can also visit the nearby Awazu Onsen Ryokan hot spring and unwind with a glass of sake or whisky at our Moss Bar.

*We will announce the date of the next tour when it’s fixed.

Craft 01

Woodturning and Lacquerware

Lacquerware(漆) is one of Japan's most iconic crafts. It elevates everyday items into objects of beauty with its elegant decorative design.

The collaborative crafts of rokuro (wood-turning) and Echizen shikki (lacquerware) hail from nearby Echizen city in Fukui prefecture. In this workshop you'll learn how to design, carve, and shape an ochoko (small sake cup) and a sakazuki (pouring cup for sake).

You can also try lacquer painting under the guidance of the region's most experienced artisans. You'll learn about the different coloring styles and how the varnish derived from the sap of a lacquer tree gives wooden pieces a refined and brilliant sheen.

Craft 02

Washi Paper Making

This workshop will introduce you to the art and craftsmanship of washi (和紙), traditional handmade Japanese paper that's still admired and used worldwide.

Washi is made mainly from water and the inner plant fibres of kozo (paper mulberry), mitsumata (paperbush), and gampi shrub.

Learning from some of the nation's last remaining washi artisans, you'll use gampi harvested from Takigahara and delicate wooden and bamboo tools to craft fine, textured pieces of washi.

Craft 03

Kutani Ware Porcelain Painting

by delicate, hand-painted decorations.

Originally from Kaga city in southern Ishikawa prefecture, kutani-yaki generally comes in two types; clay earthenware and porcelain made from stone. Komatsu city, where Takigahara lies, is a major production area for porcelain stones used for kutani-yaki.

In this experience, you'll learn how to design and paint your own kutani ware by a kutani expert from Kamide Choemon. The ceramic pieces will then be fired and completed in a local kiln at Cerabo Kutani, ready for you to take home as a keepsake.


For your overnight stay, you can choose between private rooms in Craft & Stay (the Director's Suite and The Band Room) or the entirely private Takigahara House. It is also possible to stay at the Awazu Onsen Ryokan. Please enquire at the time of reservation.

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General Information & Notice

  • Workshop content will alternate from wood-turning and lacquerware, washi paper-making, and Kutani ware. Please check the workshop details when making your reservation.
  • Workshop, meals (plus drink pairings with dinner), accommodation, and transport (to and from Komatsu Airport/ Komatsu Station) included. Additional drinks can be ordered separately.
  • We provide a free shuttle service to and from Awazu Onsen Ryokan for guests to soak in the hot springs before dinner.
  • We have a limit of 6 people per program.
  • Our workshops are currently exclusive for those booking the two-day Takigahara Craft Tourism program.
  • For safety reasons, we ask that children under 10 years of age do not enter the workshop.